I started my career volunteering. In fact, I started by volunteering right here at Spencer Cable Access as a sophomore at David Prouty High School. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how important that work was in training me on how to succeed in the work environment. That experience and training, as it turns out, was the greatest benefit of my volunteer work at SCA.

SCA serves the public by videotaping government meetings and making them available on cable and online. The viewer can see, first hand, how their representatives are making decisions that impact their community. In a democracy in which the government is for, by, and of the people, this type of coverage is crucial.

SCA also covers as many local events and activities as possible with a small staff. Volunteering in this type of environment doubles as real-life training for young people soon to enter the workforce or college. The lessons learned go far beyond how to white balance a camera or run a studio production. You learn how to communicate with a supervisor and a team. You learn what it means to be truly responsible for something. You learn to troubleshoot and solve problems, and to effectively manage your own tasks. These are real-world, practical skills that future employers will value.

Aaron J. Keyes, Station Manager and DPHS Alum

While SCA does pay a stipend for our volunteer producers, the benefits of this real-world work experience is the real reward. I have applied these lessons throughout my career in marketing, and I am thankful that I was able to learn them so early through my involvement with Spencer Cable Access.

I invite students from DPHS to consider volunteering at SCA. You will learn useful skills and principals of media and communication, and you will learn how to be on a team while making a significant contribution to your community.

If you’d like to learn more about working at SCA, click here.

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